Description: Flamenco Classical Guitar, Spanish Guitar or New Age Guitar compilation with pieces consisting of Spanish, Brazilian, Salsa, Cuban, Mediterranean, Rumba and Romantic ballads. Sounds similar Jesse Cook, Gipsy Kings, Johannas Linstead or Ottmar Liebert.

Drew Diego Bennett is an International Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist, Native Flautist and Relaxation music Composer. He practices and promotes The Tao, Tai Chi, Yoga, and a healthy life style.

A former music teacher and minister, Diego now lives full time as an International Flamenco Guitarist and Recording Artist/Composer.

Born in Spain and raised in the US, Diego began Classical guitar lessons at age seven and studied the prestigious Richard Pick Classical Guitar; Chicago University. Diego also studied progressive soloing styles and theory under instructor T.J. Helmerich, who is now a Staff Instructor at The Guitar Institute of Technology, (M.I) in L. A. California.

Later, Diego traveled back to Spain and studied the traditional Spanish Andalusia style of Flamenco Guitar. Diego also has Family in Nicaragua and has influence in his music from these regions as well. Maestro Diego has created his own Unique Passionate Nuevo Flamenco Guitar Style with influence from around the world.

As a Maestro, Diego has created a unique Flamenco Guitar style with traditional Spanish influences, Mediterranean styles, Rumba’s, Caribbean Salsa’s, Passionate Ballads and South American influences.

“I've been trained by masters of Guitar and Music, The Tao, Kung Fu, Sound Physics and Business Marketing”, states Diego. “I am now honored to bestow upon the people my musical gift forms to the World.”
Drew Diego Bennett
Flamenco Salsa

Flamenco Salsa

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CD: Ave Maria
by Origen
Beautiful New Age rendition of different versions of Ave Maria complimented with music by Beethoven, Frank and Alexsey Zakharenko.

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Ave Maria- mp3 music

Diego's first International CD release, 'Tribal Awakening' is a meditation, relaxation, Native American Flute arrangement. (Published by Kokopelli Records LLC in 2005).
Diego's first International Flamenco Guitar Release 'Flamenco Salsa' was a Grammy Entry for the 2008 Grammy's into categories 'Best New Artist', and 'Best World Contemporary Album'. This CD is an evocative Spanish-Nuevo Flamenco Guitar compilation with pieces consisting of Spanish, Brazilian, (Salsa), Cuban, Mediterranean, and Rumba influences as well as Romantic ballads.
Diego's release “Caribbean Remix” is a more intimate remix of his previous release,” Flamenco Salsa.”
Diego's release, “Guitarra Del Sol” is another fine Flamenco Guitar CD with Spanish, Mediterranean, Caribbean Salsa's, Rumbas and Passionate Ballad styles encompassed in this release. A must purchase for all Flamenco Guitar music lovers.

About flamenco guitar
Flamenco guitar is a type of guitar, built for the purpose of playing Flamenco music. The traditional flamenco guitar is made of Spanish cypress and spruce, and is lighter in weight and a bit smaller than a classical guitar, to give the sound a "brighter" and percussive quality. Volume has traditionally been very important in flamenco construction, as a guitarist needed to be heard over the sound of the dancers' nailed shoes. The flamenco guitar, in contrast to the classical, is also equipped with a tap plate, called a golpeador. This is often made of transparent plastic, similar to a pick guard, and protects the body of the guitar from the rhythmic finger taps, called golpes. Originally, flamenco guitars were made with wooden tuning pegs similar to a violin. Some guitarists still prefer these pegs to the classical style tuning gears. It's widely accepted that more weight in the headstock can improve sustain, unsurprisingly, less weight can result in quicker attack; a desirable quality in a flamenco guitar. This could explain why many flamenco players still cling to the traditional pegs. The action or the height of the strings above the fingerboard is generally lower (<3mm at the 12th fret) than that of a classical guitar. This aids faster playing, especially during fast picado passages, but can lead to some fret buzz-also a frequent feature of the traditional 'flamenco' sound. In short, flamenco guitars are better suited for flamenco music than classical guitars. Some modern flamenco guitars (flamenca negra), however, use similar materials to high-end classical guitars. These guitars hope to capture some of the sustain achieved by concert calibre classical guitars while retaining the volume and attack synonymous with flamenco.

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