Description: A beautiful and stirring mix of Jazz/pop/flamenco. Intricate guitars, crystal vocals and driving rhythms make these original songs both intelligent and accessible.

Flamenco Caravan, while being true to flamenco forms, also blends the band members’ favorite musical influences of Latin, jazz, rock, sacred and blues, capturing the imagination of the soul through guitar, rhythm and song. Between lightning-speed guitar flourishes, melting vocals, and the entire band’s driving and grooving rhythms and electric chemistry, audience members of every age have been won over. The music has been described as "world-class", "beautiful and magical", "moving", "amazing in its variety" and "alternately soothing and stirring to the soul". The comment most often offered to the band after a performance is, "I couldn’t sit still! I just wanted to get up and dance!"
Formed in 1999, Flamenco Caravan has evolved to include Esteban Figueroa on lead guitar, Susanna DiGiuseppe on keyboards and vocals, Tony Agostino on rhythm guitar, Jim Differ on drums and percussion, and Greg McIntosh on bass. Often additional musicians on percussion, backing vocals, trumpet and other instruments add to the band’s full sound.
The group has opened for acts such as Colin James, Jeff Healey, Paul Shaffer and America, and their performances at the 2006 Owen Sound, Red Rock and Cambridge folk festivals garnered rave reviews and standing ovations.
Flamenco Caravan has been interviewed by CBC radio at the local and national levels. Both Love's Philosophy and Flamenco Caravan's second CD, Alchemy, have been successfully auditioned by national CBC Radio and distributed to its stations nationwide. In addition, "Love’s Philosophy" was named a top 13 CD pick of 2006 by CBC Radio Music Resources out of an estimated 800 other CD's submitted in 2006.
by Flamenko Caravan
Alchemy Flamenco Caravan

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CD: Ave Maria
by Origen
Beautiful New Age rendition of different versions of Ave Maria complimented with music by Beethoven, Frank and Alexsey Zakharenko.

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Ave Maria- mp3 music

About flamenco guitar
Flamenco guitar is a type of guitar, built for the purpose of playing Flamenco music. The traditional flamenco guitar is made of Spanish cypress and spruce, and is lighter in weight and a bit smaller than a classical guitar, to give the sound a "brighter" and percussive quality. Volume has traditionally been very important in flamenco construction, as a guitarist needed to be heard over the sound of the dancers' nailed shoes. The flamenco guitar, in contrast to the classical, is also equipped with a tap plate, called a golpeador. This is often made of transparent plastic, similar to a pick guard, and protects the body of the guitar from the rhythmic finger taps, called golpes. Originally, flamenco guitars were made with wooden tuning pegs similar to a violin. Some guitarists still prefer these pegs to the classical style tuning gears. It's widely accepted that more weight in the headstock can improve sustain, unsurprisingly, less weight can result in quicker attack; a desirable quality in a flamenco guitar. This could explain why many flamenco players still cling to the traditional pegs. The action or the height of the strings above the fingerboard is generally lower (<3mm at the 12th fret) than that of a classical guitar. This aids faster playing, especially during fast picado passages, but can lead to some fret buzz-also a frequent feature of the traditional 'flamenco' sound. In short, flamenco guitars are better suited for flamenco music than classical guitars. Some modern flamenco guitars (flamenca negra), however, use similar materials to high-end classical guitars. These guitars hope to capture some of the sustain achieved by concert calibre classical guitars while retaining the volume and attack synonymous with flamenco.

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