Era of Aquarius is Origen's second album including International Super Hit "Dance of the Clouds". You can use it for films, Youtube videos, and other projects. There are just four very simple rules to use music in any of your Youtube videos. Please visit to learn how legally use our music in your videos.
Origen journey to the international music stage from The Ukraine in a flurry of light & sound. A large body of work both Classical & New Age in derivation from Alexsey Zakharenko of Kiev. His Kaleidoscopic artistry rains down upon the listeners senses with the skills of the composer , producer , electronic musician , arranger & sonic-audio engineer "Awakening" in its organic glory foretells an atmosphere of early dawning & gothic chanting in cinema-scope & stained glass settings "Dance Of The Clouds" has a plaintive electronic synthesis piano of baroque & melancholy tone & ambiance, like a candle flickering in the dead of night.
"Andromeda" stretches the boundaries via glockenspiel into the outer reaches of a twinkling deep midnight sky , with a quaint waltz time & pseudo harpsichord that brings forth days of futures past.
"Era Of Aquarius" moves with the four-four time of techno-tronic allure. Whereas 'Sequence Of Art" spirals its way towards us like a galactic nebula carousel.
These forays into the mysteries of art & sound, coupled with a propensity to evoke classical images , make Origens a distinct journey towards areas of music that remain undaunted by the limitations of space & time ; As is the nature of the soul in it's boundless proximity to the cosmos.

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New album by Origen (2017)

Origen: In Search of the Future of Music