Smooth Jazz by Victor McClain

He is a self- taught musician and began playing musical instruments at the age of ten, playing along with the recordings of jazz artist on his clarinet. He taught himself to read music and that made it possible for him to join the orchestra,marching and jazz bands in high school and college. At the age of seventeen he began playing in top Los Angeles bands at Southern California college campuses. He not only plays the saxophone, but also flute, keyboards and sings lead and background vocals.
Victor is a lover of all types of music and his style is a fusion of classical, jazz, rock, and R&B. Being versatile in his music Victor played in many bands from classical to rock and recorded cds with a few of them writing most of the songs, performing most of the tracks,co- producing, mixing and mastering the projects himself.
Victor McClain, and The U.nited R.hythm & G.roove E.xchange (Urge Records) is an independent artist and label. The most recent release entitled “Mystic Journey” is due for release in July 2007 and is a mix of Latin, R&B, Smooth Jazz and Jazz Urge records has added another side of Victor's range of musical styles with his new single "Turn Dat Music Down." Peace.

Outstanding music
author: Erik Chico Manqueros
The music of VIctor McClain is a smooth blend of Latin Jazz smooth y suave. Do yourself a favor and pick this CD up.! I have enjoyed Victor's work with the L.A. Fautline band and I am so happy to see is own release. I love the tune "The one I love"...what a nice soul cha groove.

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SmoothJazz.com Review

author: Beth Lewis
Teaching oneself to play a musical instrument is challenging enough, but when you consider that Victor McClain was ten years of age when he did so is really quite the feat. What makes this accomplishment even more unusual is the method McClain used… he learned to play clarinet by playing along to jazz recordings (remember, we are talking about someone who was only ten years old at the time). Also schooling himself to read music gave him the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as a performer in orchestra, marching and jazz bands throughout high school and college. A lover of diverse musical styles, McClain is now proficient on saxophone, flute and keyboards and he is a vocalist as well. His multi-faceted talents are put to the test on his new release MYSTIC JOURNEY as the inventory of credits lists McClain as producer, songwriter, performer, engineer and even graphic designer. One listen (and look) through the CD leaves no doubt that McClain passes all tests with flying colors. Standing out for its elegance and refinement, “Sensual” has a tender, amorous tone that enfolds its listener. We are treated to another side of McClain as he picks up the pace and puts down the funk for “Groovin’ In G.A.” As refreshing as its title suggests, “Caribbean Breeze” is bright and buoyant… close your eyes and feel the warm waves roll over your feet. With its variety of musical styles, MYSTIC JOURNEY is a trip worth taking!

Excellent jazz CD.
author: Xavier P. for RadioIndy
Jazz-lovers, the answer to all your desires is finally here – Victor McClain’s latest release, “Mystic Journey”! Traversing the worlds of Latin jazz, RnB jazz, and smooth-jazz, this audio voyage leaves no destination out! Perhaps there’s nothing very ‘mystic’ about what makes this journey so enticing – there’s only one thing that could make a record so appealing: raw, irrefutable talent! Victor’s divine compositions of jazz bass leads, jazz piano, flute melodies, brass instruments, and Latin percussion combine to produce an irresistible audio heaven! What’s more, the production of “Mystic Journal” is nothing short of flawless! This soundtrack sets the perfect mood for an evening of passionate love and romance! Keep your eyes and ears open jazz fans, Victor McClain is about to hit your world by storm.

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Smooth Jazz by Victor McClain