Urban Jazz by Evan Garr

Evan Garr is an upcoming violinist in the Jazz and Fusion arena. Although prominently being locally known in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan, his vision of the jazz violin, like his predecessors, has taken him abroad.

Garr was born on December 28, 1985 in Detroit, Michigan. In a way, he was born into a musical family. His father played trumpet during grade school and his mother played piano; however, neither stuck with it. Garr is the first in his family to go far with a musical instrument.
Although being classically trained, Garr grew up listening to jazz. Heavily influenced by his family’s love for jazz, Garr began teaching himself the essence of jazz after only four years of formal training. After leaving the classical field and its instruction, Garr found himself playing jazz at different functions and venues throughout Detroit and its surrounding areas. One day, at a concert given by world renowned violinist Regina Carter, Garr’s uncle’s smooth talk gained him the privilege of playing on stage with Carter the very next day at a Jazz instructional concert given at Cass Technical High School. He was given the opportunity to play one song with her, in which he definitely left his mark. Later on, he was asked to perform at a ceremony in Comerica Park the night before it opened to the public.
Garr has recently played in a concert at the Henry Ford performing arts theater. Some years earlier, he also had the privilege of taking lessons with jazz violinist Jerald Daemyon and as he puts it, “the extraordinary rare privilege of meeting and talking with Jean-Luc Ponty.” After hearing a demo CD about 3 years ago, Mr. Ponty, via e-mail, told Garr that he was “a promising player”, however he encouraged him to continue to find his own style. With years of work, an interesting vision and an upcoming CD release, the world will see that Evan Garr has done just that.

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Press release

Evan Garr releases his hot new compilation of tracks, The Chill Out Album. This collection of Motor City, home grown,
If you love a soulful, contemporary, urban and smooth Jazz vibe, you must at least take a listen to this up and coming Violinist’s emotion filled melodies! His greatest influence is Jean-Luc Ponty, but as you will hear, his soul is his own.
Evan was trained in Classical violin but loved Jazz. Starting his training at the young age of nine years old, Evan has grown his own blend of blend of Jazz by mixing Contemporary Jazz with D-town soul and a pinch of his heart to make you feel what he plays. Here is what some reviewers had to say about Evan’s music:
Roland Blackmon says, “The music from this CD is truly smooth and enjoyable.” Ellen Thompkins expresses, “I like the first song the best "The New beginning", but all of them are good. The Title is just right because thats just what you want to do is "Chill Out".
Rita Neal mentions,” I especially enjoyed True Love and Song To Mom. I looking forward to my own copy of The Chill Out Album.” It’s for certain that this twenty year old, solo artist has a long successful career ahead of him. You can be one the first to share his international debut release!

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Evan Garr : upcoming violinist in the Jazz and Fusion arena. Although prominently being locally known in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan, his vision of the jazz violin, like his predecessors, has taken him abroad.

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Urban Jazz by Evan Garr