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 Best cover songs on new age music cd
Cover song Antissa by Origen
vs original version by E.S. Posthumus

E.S. Posthumus

Listen Antissa

E.S. Posthumus will not disappoint those music lovers looking for something fresh yet timeless...The song "Nara" is the theme to the CBS hit drama "Cold Case"
What about Origen?

Ukrainian songs by Rushnichok
Pop Folk band Rushnichok

Ukrainian folk songs meets pop and new age
Brilliant and tender voices, prudent orchestra remarks and even electronic instruments, which are not traditional for Ukrainian music.
read more and hear

Vica Vasylevich
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Location: NYC, USA
Style: Ukrainian and Russian pop music

Currently holding the number 2 most requested song on the radio in Kiev, Ukraine, Vika (Viktoria Vasilevich) started writing lyrics at the age of seven and composed her first complete song at 14. Her first performance on national television from the Palace of Ukraine followed shortly afterwards. Since then, she has written arranged and recorded over 20 songs and has been the headliner act in major music festivals throughout Ukraine, Canada and the US. In June of 2005 Vika completed her Masters Degree at the Kiev University of Culture and Art before embarking on her full time music career. Vika’s formal education spanned the spectrum of drama, creative direction, acting, dance and choreography, but her heart will always belong to her music.
In addition to what she has recorded herself, Vika has written more then 100 songs, and published them in her book of lyrics titled "String of My Soul". She tries to write and make songs of different styles and genres so that not one of her songs will sound like another. Her focus is to write songs with a strong melody that also have meaning and will touch the hearts and souls of her listeners.
Over the last 9 years since her first public performance, she has also written many songs for popular performing artists in Ukraine. She wrote the theme song for the National Children's Music Festival and the nationally televised music contest "Step to the Stars".
Vika has performed in concerts with over 15,000 in the audience as well as numerous appearances at the Palace of Ukraine. She performed at the "Pearls of Season", The Televised Singing Contest ”Step to the Stars". Vika has also performed in the US and the Caribbean. In 2005 Vika was the featured guest artist at the Bloor West Ukrainian Festival and the Toronto Harborfront Festivals. In 2006 Vika headlined the Cleveland Ivana Kupala, The Glen Spey Zabava and the Canadian National Festival in Dauphin Canada as well as many others. She has had guest acting roles on nationally televised Ukrainian sitcoms as well as numerous modeling engagements.
Many of Vikas concert and music videos have been televised on National TV in Ukraine. Vika gets her most pleasure from seeing how her songs affect her fans. If she makes someone jump and dance, or if she makes them cry, she feels she has achieved the same result and has truly connected to another human being through her music.She is from the city of Zaporosia.

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