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Can you imagine how Schubert, Bach, Beethoven, Caccini or Pachelbel would have sounded if they live now? If not, Origen's delicate and elegant rendition of their music will help you.
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AL CONTI- Ambient, new age music

Biography: A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Al has appeared in many theatre productions as well as television commercials and shows such as CBS' daytime drama 'As The World Turns.' Al began seriously working on music 17 years ago, but it was not until after he had a near death experience that he undertook music full time. Al comes from a family of deeply talented individuals. His mother was a ballerina while his father a professor and poet. His extended family includes the late 1800's Argentinean famed writer Miguél Cané. As a result, Al has been surrounded by an eclectic blend of music, literature and art since he was very young. Since the release of Al's debut CD 'Shadows,' music has taken over and has become his sole work. Through deep reflection and an awareness of the world around him, Al transfers emotions and images into music that soothes the soul. Al currently divides his time between New York City and Vermont. However, he finds himself drawn back to the peaceful mountains and green forests of Vermont, his true home and a place he deeply loves.

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Press Release: Al Conti POETA enters at #44 in The New Age Reporter's Top 100 Chart “(Poeta) is, indeed, a lovely and personable cd with music for everyone to enjoy.” Sue Few - KRBS Radio “...Dig in to the feast. This is delicious peaceful music that would be at home as a meditation accompaniment as well as a soundtrack.” RadioMike “Al's created an amazing musical experience on this CD.” Pete Havey - Mystic Soundscapes Radio On September 9, 2007, Shadowside Music released Al Conti’s second album, POETA. While Al's debut album 'Shadows' took us on a journey searching within one's own deepest self, POETA invites the listener on a different journey, exploring a landscape of emotions woven by the poetry of music through eleven magical tracks. Travel through musical valleys and peaks to discover Orpheus and his unrelenting quest to retrieve his lost love in the haunting opening track 'Quest for Orpheus.' Dream along with the tales of Homer's 'Iliad.' Find yourself wishing for 'Evangeline,' the young Victorian maiden, to find true love as she sits by the sea, day after day with her book of poems. And then find that true love in the movement of 'Danzante' and the power of 'Abstract Desire.' Feel the quill of 'Poeta' inspire the world through a tapestry of enchantment. And, as every book must end, feel yourself transported with the final rendering 'Epilogos' and its timeless prayer. From the first note to the last, Al Conti's album features ethnic instruments such as the hurdy gurdy, udu, sitar and tablas as well as classical violins and cellos, haunting ambient vocals and beautiful guitar solos. Listeners who loved Al's debut CD are eagerly awaiting his second release and reviewers have praised Al's work as "individual," "intricate," and expressing a "lovely humanity and positive spirit." The concept of poetry in music came to Al unexpectedly, inspired by Spain's late poet Ramón Sampedro, who lived as a quadriplegic and fought for the right to end his own life. During his life he wrote using only his mouth and a pencil attached to a stick. Al's reaction to the poet's journey was intense: "Ramón's words touched me so much that they catapulted what has now become an entire work on its own. It has always amazed me how music has its own poetry and I want to express that in my work."

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AL CONTI - Ambient, new age music