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CD: Selftitled

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Webpage: www.myspace.com/bayardrussell

Location: Queens, NY, USA

Description: Gorgeous indie pop gems - pure vocals delivered over acoustic guitar riffs and dance beats -- think John Mayer meets The Postal Service.
Biography: Bayard Russell is a singer-songwriter performing in the NYC area. He has recently released his debut solo album "Selftitled," which is available on CD Baby and iTunes, and is performing in New York venues later in 2007. In addition to his solo work he is the lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter for garage rock trio Negative Ken, which performs at NYC venues including Arlene's Grocery, Don Hills, Snitch, Suite 16, The Orange Bear, and Pussycat Lounge.

Russell grew up in the suburbs of Indiana, influenced equally by The Beatles and Ice Cube. Classically trained in piano from age four, he discovered the guitar in high school and his passion for pop music blossomed. He moved to NYC after graduating from Dartmouth with a major in philosophy and a minor in music. He has written for and performed with the bands Karess, Clean Slate, Funkelstiltskin, The Very Nerve, and Matt Jones Band. He currently writes and records out of his home studio in Queens.

Press Release:
CONTACT: Bayard Russell, bayard@gmail.com


Queens, NY - August 10, 2007 - NYC-based singer-songwriter Bayard Russell has issued his debut solo album "Selftitled," which departs musically from the work of his garage rock trio Negative Ken. While Negative Ken continues to deliver bratty and energetic hard rock in venues across Manhattan, Russell's solo work reaches for a gentler sound, delivering pure vocals over acoustic guitar riffs and catchy dance beats. Russell will be playing songs from his solo release in venues throughout the NYC area later in 2007.

Called "gorgeous" and "wonderfully refreshing" by listeners, "Selftitled" showcases Russell's abilities as a lyricist, singer, and instrumentalist. In addition to writing and singing all the songs, he also played all the instruments and recorded and mixed the album at his home studio in Queens.

Bayard Russell grew up in Indiana and graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in philosophy and a minor in music. He is currently the lead vocalist, bassist and songwriter for Negative Ken, which performs in New York venues such as Arlene's Grocery, Don Hills, Snitch, and Pussycat Lounge.

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