Memorable pop songs and sweeping, timeless ballads by Karen Jacobsen

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Location: NYC, NY, USA
Style: Pop / ac
Description: Infectious and memorable piano driven pop songs and sweeping, timeless ballads by the hypnotically beautiful Jacobsen.

When Karen Jacobsen takes the stage she becomes your guide on a passionate journey, exploring the hills and valleys fileld with surprising twists and turns in the story of an exceptional life. She smiles gently at you, beckoning you to come closer as she turns to her piano to play. And then you hear that voice, that "never-seen-a-cigarette-in-her-life" voice, and you immediately understand why the NEW YORK PRESS tells her fans to "Be prepared to loose your heart to Jacobsen, or at least leave singing her lovely, melody driven songs"
Her music is catchy, melodic, timeless pop, music that Billy Joel and Sarah McLachlan would create if they lived together in the body of this tall, blonde Australian beauty. Music that is "Wonderful writing...simple and clear and from the heart; powerful sweeping emotion", as ACCESS HOLLYWOOD describes Karen's, and as Indie-Music.Com sums up "Almost every song is confrontational, but you can't help listening because her voice and piano playing are so hypnotically beautiful." Her lyrics are honest and heartfelt without being overstated. Her music is as Karen is; powerful, subtle, honest, beautiful.
Originally from Mackay, Australia - near the Great Barrier Reef - Karen established herself on stage and television across the continent before deciding to head into the studio. Karen was regularly performing throughout Australia, Germany, England, Malaysia, and Thailand, alone at the grand piano, with a full band and acapella singing the anthem at major sporting events throughout Australia.
Karen Jacobsen decided to expand the already successful career she had down-under by emigrating to the USA on July 4th, 2001. Now NYC based, Karen continues her momentum; She has performed on NBC television, her music is placed in television shows (Dawson's Creek, Passions), she regularly performs for political events at consulates in NY and LA, has performed The Star-Spangled Banner at Giant's and Dodger Stadiums, Madison Square Garden, Fenway Park, in Anaheim, Kansas City, Chicago and other cities all for major league ball games and has recurring gigs at The Duplex, Joe's Pub, The Bitter End, Slide (Sydney), as well as Delaware, Ottawa, LA & Jersey City Pride Festivals. Karen is also the voice world wide of high end telephone systems, on numerous television commercials, computer systems, and now, Garmin Australia.
Karen has shared the bill with numerous artists, such as: Dave Mason, America, Three Dog Night, Norah Jones, Jars of Clay, Uncle Cracker, Cristopher Cross, Cindy Lauper

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Memorable pop songs and sweeping, timeless ballads by Karen Jacobsen