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Location: frodsham, , united kingdom

Description: Travelling Light is an exceptional album from top British female artist FLO and French producer Ilan of dreamy electro pop !!!!!

Biography: "Travelling Light” is the first album to be promoted under her own name Flo, but Flo Fozard has been actively making music for sixteen years. After initially recording demos back in the very early nineties in Liverpool with Steve Hewitt of Breed and Placebo fame, stints as a backing vocalist for various London based bands and sessioning in Soho studios, Flo formed her own Indie four piece “Overflo”, and did the usual gig trails in and around London for a few years until the band split in 97. She then collaborated with JMajik and the Metalheadz for a while before writing and recording“Symbiosis” her first complete studio based album with French producer Ilan Rog , forming the French/English combo ”Third Element”, including Nicolas Bulostin With the disintegration of Third Element, Ilan and Flo began work together on what we now know as the recently released album “Travelling Light”, and continue to establish themselves as a freepop production team. In 2005 they established Sorefinger Records to help facilitate the release of “Travelling Light” and further works.

Sorefinger Records are a unique team, splitting their writing and recording inbetween Flo’s base in the Northwest of England (where they shared studio space at The Bunker with KKlass for whom Ilan has engineered many remixes inc. Armun Van Helden "My MY MY" ) and Paris where Ilan has an established reputation as one of the top sound engineers in the French recording industry. They collaborated with the massive french hip hop Djs LBR and Kut Killer on Travelling Light and recently were commissioned to write and produce the single “Knowing what a woman knows” to represent the Miss Sport France and Europe event in the Côte d¹Azur.

Flo & Ilan are currently in the sways of recording the follow up album to Travelling Light, watch myspace for exclusive pre-release previews of this and also other Sorefinger-licking soundbites!

Travelling Light by Flo includes the bonus 5trk cd “Past Midnight” and is on general release through Sorefinger Records and Matchbox Recordings , available from all the usual outlets of Amazon.co.uk, cdbaby.com, itunes and matchboxrecordings.co.uk

Press Release:
This album starts with the dreamy, trancey, melodic opener and title track " Travelling Light" with it's infectious melody and sexy vocals. This whole record is what is commonly known as pure melodic and atmospheric genius. Flo's voice goes from a whispery Alison Goldfrapp-esq mood to a Kate Bush high but all placed over a dreamy, kitsch French (Yes this is the real thing Madonna not just a hired team to sound French and fit in with the trends, this is real hearty stuffed) disco St-Etienne esq feel. Lovely Vince Clarke like bleeps flow over atmospheric pads and timeless trancey basslines. From up tempo dancey Ibiza letting yourself go on the shore type sounds to the completely scarce beauty and emotion of the exceptional ballad" How Hard " which is in our opinion one of the most touching and best break up songs of loss ever written. Lovely. This album also features an incredible new flirty disco trance pop version of the classic " Pale Shelter" from one of the best albums of the 80's " the Hurting" by Tears for Fears. We could go on about every song on this album but it would take up too much of your time you must get a copy. Basically this is pure emotional ambience, sexiness, drama, love, loss all over a kitsch, timeless background. It's not all dancey either the lovely " Difficult Company " is a slightly Portishead crossed with Kate Bush-esq pop gem. Also look out for the hip hoppy, Jazzy and dreamy St Etienne-esq "Easy" and the ambient, folky and very touching "Cintaku"" + the very 80's/90's Yazoo/Kate Bush like " Through my eyes". Excellent ! Dreamy, timeless, trancey and melodic as hell is the only way to describe the mood of this album and with the heavenly spine tingling vocals of Flow on top it makes this one of the most exciting albums of 2006. " Funny how things turn out in the end - Flo" - Dale Olivier - Head of A&R Matchbox. The album Travelling Light also comes with a bonus disc featuring extra material.


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