Refined Smooth Jazz Guitarist Fabio Mignola

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Cover song Antissa by Origen
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Fabio Mignola
Artist Website
Style: Smooth jazz music
Description: Refined Smooth Jazz guitarist whose style is influenced by Mediterranean, Brazilian and Caribbean music.

Born in Locarno Fabio Mignola studied with professor Dante Brenna and graduated 1991 at Conservatory Donizetti in Bergamo.
He also followed masterclasses with Alberto Ponce, Alexandre Rodrigues and Ralph Towner.
He appeared as guitarist in TV shows for the channels TSI, DRS, SAT 1, TV 3.
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As a freelance musician Fabio Mignola has worked with swiss star Nella Martinetti, Marco Zappa, Mauro Bonomi (Switzerland), Roby Nogueira (Portugal), Paolo Cattaneo and the Franco Brambati Group (Italy).
His recordings are published under the labels ACTIV, BELOTON (Russia), BONMUSIC, CHINDERWAELT, TM Century (USA), TYROLIS, UNIVERSAL and ZYTGLOGGE.
Mignola's guitar voice is smooth and full of talent." Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez - JAZZREVIEW.COM - USA
"'ll be completely swept away with Fabio's mastery of the guitar." ECHO SMOOTH JAZZ - UK
"Listening with a critical ear, this is a GREAT SMOOTH JAZZ CD from start to finish." David White - WHITESTER RADIO-SMOOTH JAZZ - USA
"Now his new smooth jazz album is here, and it is one that can count. You can immerse yourself in eleven original compositions, which bring you in a Mediterranean climate, with influences from Brazil, the Caribbean and from funk. The music sounds fresh and aroused and lets the brio of Fabio well ring through... Nicely and professionally sounding music, which will put you dreaming this way, too!" Patrick Van de Wiele -
"Fabio's guitar playing is well suited to the discriminating Smooth Jazz fan whether they be from the U.S., Britain, Canada, Germany or anywhere in the world where beautiful music is appreciated…Fabio Mignola has the chops to make a name for himself in the world of mainstream Smooth Jazz." Derick Winterberg - THE SMOOTH JAZZ SITE - USA
Press release
Born in Locarno, Switzerland, an eclectic cultural environment with a strong Italian heritage, Fabio Mignola was fascinated by the intricate harmonies and rhythms of the various forms of folk and classical music that surrounded him. The simplistic beauty of the acoustic guitar quickly became the voice of this passionate musician.
After studying for several years with professor Dante Brenna, he graduated from Conservatory Donizetti in Bergamo in 1991. Mignola immersed himself in guitar studies and master classes with virtuosos like Alberto Ponce, Alexandre Rodrigues and Ralph Towner. Later on he was inspired by the spontaneity of jazz and the visual complexities of impressionism. As he also continued to master the classical and folk repertoire, Mignola found himself incorporating his diverse artistic experiences into a soundscape rich in textures. This pursuit of music without boundaries led to solo recordings and many productive partnerships.
In 1999, Mignola released Chitarra Ticinese, featuring solo guitar arrangements of folk songs. Swiss Ticinonline praised, "Chitarra Ticinese is one of those CDs that everybody should hold in his own recordings library...the musical essentialism given by the presence of a solo guitar raises the fourteen melodies to touching small musical jewels."
Winning the praise of critics for his "virtuosistic arpeggio", Mignola release Flor de Luna in 2000, a collection of solo recordings that celebrated the beauty of evergreens.
A collaboration with famed Swiss songstress Nella Martinetti in 2002 in Così il tempo va would further endear Mignola as a beloved international guitarist. However, it was the 2003 contemporary jazz release of Flyin' Away that would tantalize American airwaves. Smooth Jazz and More declared, "Mignola gives the listener a style much like Peter White and Acoustic Alchemy. It's very cheerful and at the same time, very relaxing."Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of his homeland with Neapolitan jazz, Mignola released Luna Rossa in 2005 with tenor Mauro Bonomi. As sound designer in 2006 he produced the soundtrack Virgo Suite together with pianist Paolo Cattaneo and saxophonist Mauro Bonomi.
Fans have been anxiously awaiting for this next musical adventure entitled Take Me Higher which presents eleven melodic and refined new compositions by the Swiss musician.

Refined Smooth Jazz Guitarist Fabio Mignola