Ave Maria by Vladimir Vavilov
( misattributed to Giulio Caccini).

Ave Maria is usually attributed to Giulio Caccini. It is the biggest musical hoax. Actually it was composed and first performed by Russian guitarist, lutenist and composer Vladimir Vavilov (1925-1973).  In 1970 Vavilov recorded and publish this song on the album “Lute Music of the XVI-XVII centuries” on the Russian Melodia label with  the  song attribution to “Anonymous”.

Almost all songs on this album were composed by Vladimir Vavilov and ascribed to composers of Baroque era. The reason for such a hoax was banal. At that time it was impossible to imagine that the major Russian label will release the music of unknown soviet composer. As Vavilove’s  daughter Tamara mentioned "My father was convinced that the self-taught works of unknown composer with a trivial name "Vavilov" will  never be published. But he really wanted his music reached the audience and he went so far as to give all the glory to the medieval composers and "unknown authors."

For the first time the "authorship"of Caccini appeared on the record of Irina Bogacheva in 1975, released by the same Melody label. But the world wide success the song got after Irina Arkchipova performed and released the song on the album “Ave Maria” in 1987. Then this song was performed by numerous artists including Inessa Galante, Charlotte Church, Andrea Bocelli, Hayley Westenra and many more.

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* The first track performed by: Vladimir Vavilov -lute-guitar; Nadejda Vainer- vocals; Mark Shahin- organ

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Track List
1. Ave Maria -Caccini
2. Moonlight Sonata
3. Ave Maria - Schubert
4. Prelude (C.Franck)
5.Wedding canon (Pachelbel )
6. Ave Maria- song by A.Zakharenko
Lament (A.Zakharenko)
8.Tears of the past (A.Zakharenko)
9. Ave Maria -Bach, Gounod
10. Largo Fmin (J.S.Bach)
11. Final
Ave Maria, Schubert version
Schubert's Ave Maria was composed in 1825. Originally Ave Maria song was titled “Ellens dritter Gesang” (Ellen's third song). The words to Ave Maria song were taken from Sir Walter Scott's poem The Lady of the Lake and Adam Storck wrote the German translation Schubert used for his Ave Maria song. The person who first set the Latin lyrics to Schubert's Ave Maria song remains a mystery to this day.
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Origen's performence of Schubert's Ave Maria song includes both Latin and German lyrics.

Ave Maria, Bach -Gounod version
In 1853 Ch. Gounod made variation on the 1st prelude of Bach 's "Well-tempered Clavier" for violin and piano and six years later the words to Ave Maria song were added and this made Bach- Gounod version so popular.

Ave Maria- song by A.Zakharenko
This is the brand-new version of Ave Maria song composed in 2002 by Alexsey Zakharenko AKA Origen

Another tracks on this album include famous Johann Pachelbel canon in D, Bethoven's Moonlight Sonata, beatiful largo from J.S.Bach's concerto in Fmin and some pieces by Alexsey Zakharenko.

Origen was founded in 1995 by Alexsey Zakharenko, composer, producer and sound engineer from Kyiv (Ukraine). He is also the founder of this web site. Most of the recordings and CDs represented on this site were recorded and produced by him.
In 2002 Alexey Zakharenko met Tanya Lubimenko, the lyrical soprano from Ukrainian National Opera House and invited her to sing for Origen's new age music album "Ave Maria". It was the best choice. Tanya's unique voice have blended organically with Origen's music. Soon all tracks from this album were on the top of different international charts. Ave Maria (Schubert) was #1 at mp3.com New Age Charts, Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) was #1 in Metal Charts and "Ave Maria" by Caccini "was at TOP 40 mp3.com general charts.
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Ave Maria by Vladimir Vavilov ( misattributed to Giulio Caccini)