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Music for relaxation
The founder of this site Alexsey Zakharenko AKA ORIGEN
invites you to listen his ambient, instrumental music,
Relaxing music and massage therapy
Featured relaxation music CD
Relaxation music and massage therapy
Era of Aquarius
by Origen

Journey towards areas of music that remain distant for our imagination
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relax and massage therapy


Welcome to Origen Music
We know it's hard to find good new music and artists online that you haven't heard before. But we also know there's SO much good music in here that you will love. Since 2007 Origen Music started collaboration with many new talented indie artists from all around the world. We thoroughly pick up only the best new artists and so here you will find  really great brand new pop, rock, jazz, world, classical and other kinds of music. We hope that for all real music lovers, searching for not just big top-20 media stars, this site will be the right place to discover new artists, good music and rare CDs and mp3s. Listen, enjoy and download the music.

New Age, Ambient Music Artists
Origen - It's New Millenium Music- the genre combining music from the future with music of the past

Jaiya - Music for healing, celebration, abundance and peace. multi-layered female vocal harmonies supported by an instrumental foundation of Celtic harp, Rhodes piano, accordion, penny whistle, electric bass and percussion.

Noel Quinlan World Fusion. Oriental musicians with the Western sensibilities of sound and harmony

Amethyste- The concrete footprint of several years of venomous pain, loss, cataclysmic sadness and tumultuous life changes seen through the eyes (and voice) of a fierce and passionate woman..

Jeff Greenleaf- his music is combination of New Age, Chill, Downtempo, World Music, and Soundtrack music. "I've been working nights as a massage therapist for several years and I realized that it was time to record an album dedicated to relaxation," explains Greenleaf. "It started out as a simple project focusing on droning hypnotic soundscapes but it quickly changed into something

Satori- Mysterious sounds of Tibet featuring Tibetan singing bowls and bells, guttural singing and teta-rhythms

Dmitry Krasnoukhov- beautifull new age piano music that brings calmness, rest and hope to a tired hearts.  His music is pathetic as Chopin’s, melodious as Kevin Kern’s, filigree as Keiko Matsui’s, elegant as Richard Klaiderman’s.

Al Conti- Through deep reflection and an awareness of the world around him, Al transfers emotions and images into music that soothes the soul.

Ian C. Bouras Ambient, instrumental, background music. Viby guitars with world flavors

Hector Contreras Ambient, New Age, Background music. Piano solos with strings

Synchrony New Age Electric Guitar Anthem's singing over a powerful synphonic rock foundation

Sunica Markovic Electronic, Mood Music, Background Music, Virtual Orchestra, Easy Listening, Ambient, Meditation, Healing

World Music Artists
Rushnichok- Ukrainian folk-pop music

Trio Caliente fusion of Lain Pop, Flamenko and soothing jazz vocals

Noel Quinlan World Fusion. Oriental musicians with the Western sensibilities of sound and harmony

Eric Kamen - fusion of World, Nouveau Flamenco and New Age music ... heavy on Flamenco and Spanish guitar .... on top of some very hot Hip Hop and R&B beatz.

Morton Davis- traditional and modern spanish guitar music by two very fine Spanish guitarists, slap-bassist, Morton Davis and a Los Angeles-based world-class Latin percussion group.

Gypsy Caravan Portland’s tribal belly dance band, Gypsy Caravan, is an eclectic troupe of tribal belly dancers and musicians, performing a modern fusion of world music.

Zydepunks New Orleans' favorite Cajun-Irish/Jewish/Slavic/Zydeco punk band

Florante and Lori -classic Filipino songs that are freshly re-interpreted in modern perspective

Eeic Morales - Latin, Pop, Rock, Alternative Music
ORIGEN: New Age Opera

Ever since the CDs "New Age Opera" and "Ave Maria" were released, ORIGEN has become one of the most respected and beloved artists of the New Age-Classical-Electronic Crossover genre. In this album arrangements and performances are beyond compare. Origen's trademark mixture of
combining the classical with the electronic is even more refined. Award winning opera singer Tanya Lubimenko soars in and out of the music like a rare, mystical being. Surely her voice is otherworldly.
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Rock and Pop Music Artists

ROB E C- Electro pop/dance

ORIGEN - fusion of New Age, Classical and Pop Music

SEMINOLE COUNTY Pop music meets rock and hip-hop

AMBER G - digitally created singer. Her unique vocals are created using a process called "Vocal Animation". You've never heard anything like this

DARUNAM - The Neo World Rock/Pop with a world beat groove. They brings together the rhythms and melodies of three distinct cultures, America, India, and the Balkans.

FLO Eexceptional album from British female artist and French producer Ilan of dreamy electro pop

Barry Keenan - classic British pop-rock tradition with unique modern sound

Bayard Russell Gorgeous indie pop music - pure vocals delivered over acoustic guitar riffs and dance beats

MICHEL MORENO - Adult alternative pop music with electronic and world spice

Jon Robert Contemporary rock music with an acoustic spin

George Finizio Pop, rock music, adult contemporary, easy listening, country, blues, folk, and Christmas songs

Coconut Boat Band pop music with country flavor

Dimitri Lozovoy - pop music from accordion and trumpet to distorted guitar. Very melodic and sincere music.

Milana - Russian pop music

TrendAudio.com - Pop/Rock/Chillout/Dance Music

Stacey Knights - Pop/jazz and adult comtemporary. Stacey combines her saxophone leads and her sultry vocals to create this uniquely alluring sound

Seen Deegan - Classic acoustic based timeless melodic pop, inspired by the sounds of the 60's and 70's blended with lush harmony arrangements and given a contemporary twist.

Sally-Ann D'Amato- fusion of rock, pop, and soul. Her eclectic music lets you mellow out to her acoustic guitar driven songs, or dance to the pop inspired songs.

Mike Rickard - pop/rock music- honest, confessional lyrics wrapped in an eclectic mix of musical styles.

Matt Stamm -one of the top singers and best songwriters to come out of NY in a long time!

Karen Jacobsen - Infectious and memorable piano driven pop songs and sweeping, timeless ballads by the hypnotically beautiful Jacobsen.

Jessica Paige- altarnative pop music. "One of the best voices we have heard all year and gorgeous lyrics to match"

Whitehouse- German based pop/ rock band. Feel-good pop rhythms and lyrics which make you think

Danah - Melodic dance hooks and strong seductive lyrics, a soulful collection of intimate songs.

Dcall - World Pop Rock Music- From soft songs, rocking - to raggae Island tunes

Alyse Black- Indie Pop-Rock Music. A crimson silk voice set to deceptively lovely pop tunes

Darren Farris Psychopathic Issues blends just the right elements of power pop and mainstream pop/rock.
harmonies. You will hear the sounds of nature, the rain and the see, river and Tibetan singing bowls, guttural singing and teta-rhythms that really allows you to take your mind off the hum-drum of life and pause for a moment.

Justin K. Knight: Piano Therapy - Keys to Healing
Recomended relaxing music CD:
Piano Therapy - Keys to Healing
by Justin K. Knight
The ambient, relaxing instrumental music on this CD was inspired by author's personal fight with depression and anxiety. His music intended to heal minds and hearts. It is used in many treatment centers and hospitals and we are glad to recommend his relaxation music to you.

Top Relaxation Music Artists :
Origen - fusion of New Age, Classical and Pop Music. Nice Instrumental relaxation music
Al Conti Ambient , relaxation music with soothing, healing touches
Noel Quinlan Oriental musicians with the Western sensibilities of sound and harmony. Meditation and relaxation music with beautiful melodies
Jeff Greenleaf He has been working nights as a massage therapist for several years and once realized that it was time to record an relaxation music album.
Hector Contreras Ambient, Instrumental, Relaxation music. Piano solos with strings



vol.1 and vol.2
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New age piano music
Dmitry Krasnoukhov

Drops of Rainbow
beautifull piano relaxation music that brings calmness, rest and hope to a tired hearts